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About me

I'm currently the Head of Sustainability and Decarbonization at the Behavioural Insights Team, Americas. My main responsibility is to develop and implement BIT Americas' sustainability and decarbonization strategy. The Behavioural Insights Team generate and apply behavioural insights to inform policy, improve public services and deliver results for citizens and society.

Previously, I was the Group Manager, Strategy, Insights and Regulations at the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). The group was responsible for setting EECA's strategic direction, working with the Board, Minister and across Government to deliver strong, evidence-based programme design, and the implementation of energy efficiency standards and regulations.

Prior to joining EECA, I worked across a range of senior policy leadership positions at the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE), and headed the Behavioural Insights Team's work on energy and sustainability in the UK. I guest lectured on Behavioural Economics at the University of Victoria and taught "Introduction to Behavioural Economics for Policy" as part of the Government Economics Network (GEN).

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring the great outdoors. Particularly: camping; skiing; and diving.

I work in the Energy and Natural Resource sector with public policy, professional engineering, and sustainability behaviour change experience.
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The Behavioural Insights Team

Head of Sustainability & Decarbonization

2022 - Present, Ottawa Canada

Lead and manage the sustainability and decarboniation portfolio for the Behavioural Insights Team, Americas.

picture of EECA logo

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority

Group Manager, Strategy, Insights & Regulations

2019 - 2021, New Zealand

Responsible for setting EECA's strategic direction, delivering evidence-based programmes and implementing energy efficiency regulations.

picture of MBIE logo

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, NZ Government

Policy Manager, Science Policy Team

2018 - 2019, New Zealand

Manage the team responsible for the development of science policy and stewardship of the science system.

Policy Manager, Resource Markets Policy Team

2017 - 2018, New Zealand

Manage the team responsible for the development of upstream natural resource policy.

Principal Policy Advisor, Energy Markets Policy Team

2015 - 2017, New Zealand

Responsible for the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy policy.

picture of BITlogo

The Behavioural Insights Team

Principal Advisor, Head of Energy & Sustainability

2013 - 2015, London UK

Led and managed the energy and sustainability portfolio for the Behavioural Insights Team.

picture of HMG BITlogo

Cabinet Office, HM Government

Policy Advisor & Research Fellow

2012 - 2013, London UK

Supported the team in the design and implementation of new energy policy trials, as well as the strengthening and evaluation of existing trials across a wide range of policy areas.

picture of LandisGyr logo

Landis +Gyr Ltd.

Project & Services Manager

2006 - 2009, New Zealand

Responsible for the Project and Services division, and for the successful completion of multi-year utility energy management projects.

Project & Services Engineer

2005 - 2006, New Zealand

Assisted in the design of smart meter and demand side energy management solutions.

picture of Gennum logo

Gennum Corp.

Engineering Intern

2003 - 2004, Canada

Worked within the analog high-speed circuit design group on a 16 month internship

picture of PG logo

Procter & Gamble Inc.

Engineering Intern

2002, Canada

Utility engineer for a large manufacturing plant

My academic training and research focused on the intersection between engineering, energy policy, and behaviour change.
picture of University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

PhD Engineering

2010 - 2013, Cambridge UK

Department of Engineering, researched energy management retrofit systems, behaviour change, and occupant well-being in the urban built environment.

Thesis: 'Retrofitting the domestic built environment: investigating household perspectives towards energy efficiency technologies and behaviour'

University of Cambridge

MPhil Engineering

2009 - 2010, Cambridge UK

Taught/research Masters Degree in Engineering for Sustainable Development, with an emphasis on sustainable energy management and technology policy.

Thesis: 'A study of energy management and its effect on well-being: can we thrive by using less energy?'

picture of Queen's University

Queen's University

BSc Electrical Engineering

2000 - 2005, Canada

Bachelor of Science and Engineering with Professional Internship (1 year), Honours 1st Class, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Final year project successfully demonstrated a functional wireless power transmission system (operating at 5.8 GHz, 3 VDC) by remotely supplying power to a portable radio.

Published papers

Pelenur, M. 2018. Household energy use: a study investigating viewpoints towards energy efficiency technologies and behaviour,

Pelenur, M., Cruickshank, H. 2014. Motivations to adopting energy efficiency measures in the home Proceedings of the ICE - Energy,

Pelenur, M., Cruickshank, H. 2013. Investigating the link between well-being and energy use; an explorative case study between passive and active domestic energy management systems Building and Environment, 65, pp. 26-34.

Pelenur, M., Cruickshank, H. 2012. Closing the Energy Efficiency Gap: A study linking demographics with barriers to adopting energy efficiency measures in the home. Energy, 47(1), pp.348–357.

Pelenur, M., Cruickshank, H. 2012, 'The social barriers towards adopting energy efficiency measures and behaviours in the home: a Manchester and Cardiff case study', Proceedings of the Retrofit 2012 conference, Salford Quays, UK, 24-26 January 2012, University of Salford

Pelenur, M., Cruickshank, H. 2011, 'The subjective view of energy in the urban built environment: what are the social factors that affect our interaction with energy?', Proceedings of the 6th UNESCO Dubrovnik conference on sustainable development of energy, water, and environment systems (SDEWES), Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25-29 September 2011, University of Dubrovnik, SDEWES11-0078

Pelenur, M., Cruickshank, H. 2011, 'Applying the Technology Acceptance Model to domestic energy: will we accept passive or active energy management systems in our home?', Proceedings of the annual international conference on sustainable systems and the environment (ISSE), Sharjah, UAE, 23-24 March 2011, American University of Sharjah

Pelenur, M. 2008, 'Ripple plant damage due to earth faults: two case studies', Conference paper, APEX Northern Summit, New Zealand

Pelenur, M. 2007, 'Keeping the lights On – an active approach for energy sustainability', World Energy Council Congress Youth Paper, Rome


2010 - 13 - Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholar

2010 - 13 - EPSRC Studentship

2011 - Dow Sustainability Innovation Challenge Award

2011 - 'Leader of Tomorrow' at 41st St Gallen Symposium

2002 - 04 - Dean's Scholar

2002 - 04 - Nortel Upper Year Engineering Award

2002 - Victor Gok Leung Lee Memorial Award

2001 - Adam Walgren Award

I volunteer to help promote education outreach within schools and support engineering efforts in an international development context.
picture of KAASO logo

KAASO Primary School

Volunteer & Webmaster

2012 - Now, Uganda

I'm the current Webmaster for KAASO - an Ugandan primary school associated with KIDS Worldwide.

picture of EWB logo

Engineers Without Borders (UK)

Regional Placement Coordinator

2010 - 2014, UK

I was responsible for managing the relationship with all of EWB's partners in the Americas and selecting the Placement Managers who eventually supported the EWB volunteers in the field.

picture of STEM logo

Education Outreach

STEM Ambassador

2010 - 2014, UK

Volunteered as an outreach officer for the University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering, and as a national STEM Ambassador (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

picture of Greenbridge logo

Research Socities

GreenBRIDGE General-Secretary

2010 - 2013, UK

Secretary of the GreenBRIDGE Research Society, an interdisciplinary group of graduate researchers at the University of Cambridge interested in the sustainability of the built environment.

Cambridge Environmental Consulting Society

2009 - 2013, UK

Member of the Cambridge Environmental Consulting Society, which worked with University Colleges to compile a University wide Green League table.

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